10 Biggest Inclinations in Real Estate Marketing in US

10 Biggest Inclinations in Real Estate Marketing in US

According to many statistics 70% of the agents who are practicing and dealing with real estate today will not be in business after 5 years. They don’t leave real estate because they are successful rather they are not making enough sales. And the very reason they not making enough money is they are not marketing their properties in the right manner. Digital marketing nowadays has brought a revolution in this prospect and those who are still not being able to leverage the platform are falling behind. Most who are failing are not familiar with the four pillars of digital marketing for real estate. Number one would be e-mail marketing, number two is being found on Google or local search, number three is Facebook marketing and number four is YouTube marketing. Why do we use these platforms?? Because this is ware is where people are. Apart from these four tools there are some classics as well which are television commercials, press ads, outdoor media marketing, guerilla marketing, popup ads and Digital billboards. If relators follow these strategies the chances are above 90% that they will outrun their competitors.

Email Marketing:

Email is a most private marketing tool there is and the same time it is the most cost effective and longest lasting. Email sites now have opened up with many options to work with and you can even share loads of videos links with various cloud drives, so why not make the best use of it. Make a video of our property and send it to the potential buyers. Send emails on Thursdays and Fridays just right before weekends so that they don’t forget to visit you when they have time. You could cross check your email list with your friends and followers in Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks. Segment the HVC’s (high value customer) and the general, then send email according to their personal interest.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

While digital marketing seem so dynamic it could be narrate down to two main components which are-
Links & Components

Links are the texts and pictures which are clickable and connected to other contents. These links can take you to another website or other contents on the website which you are already browsing.

Contents are any time of digital chattels that are found in the internet. It could be YouTube video, blog, websites, article, Facebook, tweets or any information. Providing good quality content is essential for being found on Google search and nothing works better than a video content.

By using SEO your properties could be found easily on the top of the Google page but if you don’t have proper contents and links on your page your site will be brought down from top by Google authority.

Facebook Marketing:

You can sell your house on Facebook now. Facebook is the next biggest platform after Google and 1.6 billion people are waiting for you there. Relators are creating pages and uploading pictures and descriptions of their properties and it is working very well. Now the newest thing could be going live on those pages with your clients showing around the properties and going on dialogues over the live broadcast. With this one can get hold on many potential buyers.

YouTube Marketing:

If you want to build a reputation for your company a YouTube channel could be just the thing. Make videos with worthwhile contents of your house and upload it into your YouTube channel. Get as many subscribers as you can. To make effective videos for real estate marketing there are numerous tips and tricks you will found online, with this on mind make sure u choose the best strategy and set target market before making a video.

TVC (television commercials):

If you want to reach the maximum number of people it’s not always enough to use digital media only for marketing. Making a good TVC is not alone is good marketing it also helps building a brand in the industry and shape people’s perception about the company.

Newspaper Ads:

Newspaper ads are traditional way for marketing and targeting house buyers those who are new in the area. Another good thing about newspaper is almost every real estate agent go through the real estate section every day.

Outdoor Media Marketing:

Many can find using outdoor marketing strategies very effective for real estate. Using billboards or car stickers for marketing properties could be a good startup. Those who have no idea about digital marketing but need wide exposure can use outdoor media marketing strategy. These types of marketing are useful for states like California where people are not that tech sarvey.

Digital Billboard: is now offering digital billboards in less than $12 for up to 500 messages a day to agencies and agents to advertise their properties up for sell. This is a very cheap way to effectively advertise your business and for better exposure and enhance market share combine digital billboard with social media and internet advertising.

Guerilla Marketing:

There are times when the budget is tighter than ever and u have to make double on what u spend, this is when the idea of guerilla marketing kicks in. Other than spending on click per pay for advertising, real estate agents now using craigslist and other classified sites. You can generate up to 30+ leads everyday by following some tricks and these solutions are available on YouTube and Google.

Market Yourself

With all these outstanding campaign ideas and tools you, yourself could be a great marketing element. One reference can be given of a woman who was an Iron Man fan and apparently she was a relator. She exposed her interest and formed a community of Iron Man fans and made a fortune out of selling houses on that community just few year back. If she could, you can as well. Express yourself and gain customers trust, share interest and give an aspect to remember you by.

As far as the connection goes the really big marketing principle I would say that overarching everything that I have talked about here is we are actually not in a business where brand building makes any sense. What we are talking here is all about generating leads, converting leads, generate report, reaching maximum audience and gain exposure. Most importantly all of these marketing ideas and big campaigns will fail if it does not solve your customer’s problem.

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