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Malaysian Airlines:

I fly with Malaysian airlines in a business class in MH 103 few days ago and the reason for picking this was purely economics. The auxiliary fascination was getting business class tickets at a decent rate. The booking procedure through the website was smooth but it is not possible to set any meal inclinations after booking. There was a new revised menu and new wines and everything was really good overall. The pleasing staff that really turned it on for the customers, Business class was full, but they still managed adapted facility. I must say it was one of the best flights I have had in a long time.

Singapore Airlines:

I was flying with Singapore airlines on Airbus A380 from Dhaka to Australia. Legitimately new aircraft with very good service, spacious economy class, most kind staff, and food as expected i can say it is one of the best things in airlines. Entertainment is excellent the movies, TV-series, music we can find everything on airline’s website. If anyone hungry during the flight they provide them more food. Fresh hot towels before meal, wine, coffee, tea, juices, and beer everything you want they provide as many time as needed. It is significance to save money and travel in a tremendous way travelling Singapore airlines.

Thai Airways:

I was flying with Thai Airways which is a bit dated being an older 747 from Dhaka to Bangkok. But quiet the size of the plane and age endorsed for some relaxed seating and additional space. Staffs were very friendly and from the way greeting on boarding to the efficient and friendly service throughout the flight. The airline crew certainly knows how to make a passenger feel right at home. Food was of above average quality and the cuisine is first class and the wines and beer are excellent. The flights left on time cannot be faulted, overall Thai airways was quite comfortable on this flight.


Flying with Airasia from Dhaka to Singapore has been a prodigious experience. The aircraft cabin had a satisfying cold temperature and the boarding manner was relatively fast, although the aircraft was not occupied. Air Asia’s foremost emphasis is delivering value for money and the service onboard was friendly and all crew spoke decent English .The value for money is absolutely worthwhile. The staff and facility is wonderful. Aircraft was clean and supervisor friendly. The return trip was enhanced as staffs were more pleasant and generous. Overall a good trip and will fly them again if the price is good. In terms of provision it is all you want and need from a low cost mover and further.

British Airways:

I travelled with premium economy class was amusingly surprised by the experience. British Airways was the cheapest airline when I booked this flight from Dhaka to London via Singapore. The seat was comfortable with sufficient legroom, the food was excellent for airline food and both ground staff and flight crew were pleasant and well-organized. The flight was discreet and charming, on time and made up time on the flight. Crews were friendly throughout the flight and served with warm food but again not very observant by missing out drinks serving. Overall, the flight was up to the traditional standards with a proficient set of cabin crew tidy, clean and well-maintained aircraft with reasonable price rate.

Turkish Airlines:

Flying with Turkish Airlines from Dhaka to Istanbul has been an extraordinary experience. Very focused crew and excellent catering made this an enjoyable familiarity. I had high hopes of Turkish Airlines in economy class because the seats were very spacious and comfortable. Hot towel and soft drink after taking seats and the Catering was also very good. For dinner I had chicken with some bread and salad, Thai soup and roast beef. Desert was chocolate ice cream and brownie. As the seats were spacious, comfortable, it is possible to have a good quality of sleep but blankets and pillows were too small so I faced some problems. Compared to other establishments this one is good with comfort, that most significant for me because it has individual TV on board with several languages with modern chairs. The entertainment selections were decent. Before landing outstanding breakfast was presented with fresh mango juice and it was landed before time. Overall, it was an excellent service by Turkish Airlines that makes me a very happy customer indeed

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