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Restauran tDunkin’s Donuts:

I visit Dunkin’s Donuts with my family and friends for a quick coffee and donut regularly. The donuts are delightful but the rest of the food isn’t that much good. Honestly, yummy donuts with a huge choice of flavors and a coffee are the only thing I want to spend some quality time. Coffee is actually average and served far too hot. Doughnuts are best ever but chocolate brownies ice cream is also amazing. There were numerous tables with the soft chairs to sit and one can get refreshments and reasonable place to relax and lookout the world go by. It’s a great place to go to and the staffs were friendly and seem to be enjoying themselves. Such a lovely place and I’m in love with this place.

Buskins and Robbins:

I’ve been going in this place for periods their ice cream is pretty worthy. Baskin and Robbins 31 Flavors is the first place I recall going to as a teenager. The variety here is outstanding they offer lots of options that call to people from all paces of life. But only two flavors I saw that I liked and my all-time favorite those are chocolate and banana flavor. The new flavor, berry and chocolate are also so delightful which is the perfect mix of chocolate and berry and ice cream is just blissful.  Their coffee is great but I don’t like their waffle cones which became soggy. This Baskin Robbins is imperturbable in the sense that their staff members are friendly, helpful and quick on orders but the ice cream here is just too expensive though it is a pretty small place.


I have visited sbarro numerous times and have now come to realize that it is very nice unexpected ambience and the food was outstanding for a small pizza chain. They changed their own path away from the big-buck pizza chains, keeping the Italian feel of pizza. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza the slice was warm and not hot. The bottom had a slight crisp to it that quickly softened after a few more bites which I like most but surplus’s a good amount of tomato sauce, barely any cheese also. I will say the staff could get a little bit grumpy late in the day in rush hours and the service is really slow. I expect this company takes their squeal reviews serious because this kind of service is objectionable.

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