Client Handling Got Easier with IVR!!!

VoiceGuide IVR is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that will allow me to use it with voice interactions.

What I liked about it?

VoiceGuide IVR is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that will allow me to use it with voice interactions. The software allows clients to connect with the company’s host system via telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which clients will follow IVR dialogue and get want they want. It has two main features Inbound/Outbound IVR & ACD (Auto Call Distribution). The software is highly configurable and integrated with many exiting telephony systems like Cisco, Avaya and many other telephony system and provider. It is also cost-effective for small installations with many benefits.

Clients can directly speak to the specified person through ACD to get the best benefit possible. Basically, I’ve found that it was used in many purposes by me. Whenever calls came in from clients, they were always in a rush to get information and get on with their work. This software made that very easy and helps me deal with this very easily. Attendance played a very critical part as I needed to check, if all my attendance were present or not. VoiceGuide IVR just recognized their voice and gave the attendance of them in no matter of time. Final version of the software is VoiceGuide v7.5.7. It requires .NET 4.0 minimum and it runs on Win10 / Win2012 / Win2008 / Win8 / Win7 / Vista. The pricing of the product starts from $99/line to $199/line. Software has the basic installation system; just you’ve to choose the method of telephony line used and how you want to record your voice files. You’ve to install it by an exe file. Online customer service is available, if difficulty is faced regarding the software. The developers of VoiceGuide IVR are regularly searching new ways of improving and gradually upgrading their software as time passes.

What I disliked?

Moderate level operating skills are required as we have to input data to the software to get a smooth running VoiceGuide IVR. Designation of employee. What the cliental wants? Who can be more helpful to the cliental? Too much input has to be input to run smoothly which will consume a lot of time for the first time. We have to put a lot of inputs in it and if any input falls in the wrong section, software will get the wrong feedback and handle things wrong and direct clienteles to the wrong personal. VoiceGuide IVR will give analytical information to management to guide them to check the status of client satisfaction, number of clients handled each day, efficiency of the supporting stuffs, call drop, call in queue, etc. It will give a complete feedback of information about clients. To do the analytical system we get all results separately and have to go through everything separately, which will consume a lot of time and patience. It has no other operating system except windows.

Recommendation to others considering the product?

I recommend medium to large business to use this software to make peace with their employee and reduce man power. This software has a wide of use and can be used by businesses where they have to handle many clients every day. Like hospitals, banks, offices, etc.

What business problem are you solving? What benefit have you realized?

My business had many problems to start with. I had lots of clients and less support. When I introduced this software I made a goal to make things easy for my employee. So I introduced attendance, client waiting sequel, product description and pricing, etc via the IVR and found that I had a good running business. I also used it payments & help desk.

After the software was introduced, all my support employees were happy and found ease in working with the clients as cliental were passed to the specified support team. Thus, I had happy clients and analyzing the report from the IVR helped to manage the cliental through beneficial method.

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