1. On what topic I can write article ?
Any topic you are interested in Business,Entertainment,Tourism and arts,Technology,and Online work.But We are interested in honest and helpful reviews on any topic you’re familiar with.
2. Do I need to install any additional software ?
Absolutely not.
3. I’m not sure about my grammar …
Our goal is helpful information. Your grammar is good enough if you hold unique information and have ability to share it with the Planet.
4. How much will I earn per review ?
50% of your total earning from Google Adsense.
5. How can I see my account total ?
On every 30th we will send you email and a PayPal payment request.Once we publish your article a unique URL will be generated. As payment proof, we will share the google Adsense URL payment proof.
6. Can I publish the same review on my own blog/website ?
It’s strongly prohibited. This may cause your account to be terminated.
However, to let your blog/website visitors read your reviews you can place “My Reviews” block into your blog/website.
7. How do I get paid ?
You will be paid through PayPal by the email address the reviews were sent from.But Your account has to reach the minimum amount 100 usd to be paid.
8. How long does it take to process the review ?
Usually (not always) it takes up to 72 hours. Estimated processing time is shown in the E-mail.
Please be informed, that we have no business hours during w/e and public holidays.
9. My review was rejected. Why ?
We’re not reviewing rejected reviews.
Review could be rejected, if it is vague, contains too much incorrect grammar, is written in capital letters, contains more description than opinion, etc. It may also be rejected, if the author reviews an item he/she has not actually used.
10. I still have questions.
You are always welcome to email any questions to :

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