Historical Monuments that shaped Modern Civilization

The world we live in today, has not come to its existence overnight. This world has a long history that traces back thousands of years.

The world we live in today, has not come to its existence overnight. This world has a long history that traces back thousands of years. There are different kinds of monuments in this modern era which was created for representing heritage and culture. In my article, I am going to give a brief history of famous monuments that has historical significance on the present era.

Machu Picchu resembles INCA civilization of the Pre-Columbian America

Wide shot of Machu PIcchu, including the Temple of the sun, and the surrounding mountains.

Machu Picchu is located in Peru, was a major cultural and economic hub of the Inca civilization. The Inca Empire which is also known as the Incan Empire was the largest empire of Pre-Columbian America. The political, military center and the administrative center of the state was located in Cusco that is known as modern day Peru. Machu Picchu was built around 1450 and it gained fame in the 1900’s. It had dry stone walls. The city was left alone during the Spanish Conquer. It is said that this monument can give the researchers a lot to find about the secrets of Inca civilization. So, the Machu Picchu has a great significance on the culture and heritage of the Modern Columbian America.

Taj Mahal-the enigma of the Indian Subcontinent


Taj Mahal is considered to be the symbol of love and it is the epitome of the beautiful Mughal Empire. It resembles the Mughal dynasty that was in charge in the 1900’s. The Taj Mahal was built in the 1960’s under the command of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to display his eternal love to his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal still stands firm as a symbol of love to most of the people and is an architectural perfection that highlights the glorious past of the Indian Subcontinent.

Coliseum or Colosseum-The Gladiators den


The Roman empire was a huge empire and it ruled almost all the known civilization at that era. To this day, we have their monuments to feel like how it was to live during those times of Roman reigns. The Colosseum was a historical monument in Rome, Italy. It was built in 70 AD. It was like an amphitheater where the gladiators used to fight for their lives. So the Roman sculptors built a monument which had a capacity of 50,000-80,000 spectators. The architecture, the design and the idea is all so beautiful that considered as the greatest piece of Roman architecture. As you walk around the Colosseum, an eerie feeling will creep through your body which will make you think what the gladiators felt like.

Pyramids-Forty Centuries looking back


Built around 3000 years ago, the Great Pyramid of Giza is an archaeological masterpiece and a great example of human precision in architecture. It is still considered to be one of the most enigmatic structures in the world. It was built perfectly aligned to the stars and solstices and yet to this day, there are several chambers assumed to be undiscovered. It was the era of the Pharaoh Kings those were mummied in the Pyramids. It resembles the Pharaoh era in Egypt and bears a significant role in the modern civilization.

Parthenon-The might of Athens and Greek


The beautiful Parthenon now standing in somewhat ruins proves that nothing good has ever been the product out of war. This archaeological beauty was built in the 5th century BC as a recognition to the mighty power of Athens and the Greek empires. Precisely, Parthenon is a temple in Athens that is dedicated to the goddess Athena. It’s flawless marble, beautiful architecture and classic sculptures ensures the thrill to see the Athens and Greek. The monument is a significant benchmark that marks the mighty existence of the Greeks and Athens in the world.

Petra- The Rose City of Jordan


Petra is a city rather than a monument itself. It was built early as 309 BC. But it was discovered in 1812. It is carved into the Arabah Canyon. Nomadic Arabs named Nabateans were benefited from the proximity of Petra to the regional trade routes. It helped them to become a major trade hub and thus enabling them to gather wealth. The Nabateans were also expert in constructing efficient water collecting methods in the barren deserts and also carving structures out of hard rocks. The Petra is called the Rose City because of its Red colored soil. Thus, Petra was a significant monument that bears Economic history with the Nabateans. It is declared a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1985.

Angkor Wat- center of Khmer Empires Trade and Commerce


Angkor Wat was once a major hub of commerce and activity of the Khmer Empire. It now exists as one of the oldest temple complexes in the world. In 12th century, the construction and design of the temple started, but due to war many parts of the temple remain as stones and rubbles. It is now the largest religious monument in the world. The Angkor Wat is one of the oldest remains of the Buddhist temple and Angkor Wat means the “Temple City” or “City of Temples”. It is a historical monument bearing the strong existence of Buddhist in the field of trade and commerce in the 12th century.

Easter Island- the Torch Bearer of the Maia Tribes


South America hosts the existence of one of the most brilliant sculptures in the world. The Maia Statues on the Easter Island is a mesmerizing piece of architecture. On the Pacific Islands lived the Maia Tribes. Most likely the Polynesian people settled on the Easter Island between 700 to 1100 CE. They created an industrious and struggling culture. But the different human activities and the introduction of Polynesian rats degenerated their existence. To remember the existence of the Maia Tribes, statues shaped like their head were made on the Easter Island with volcanic ashes. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. So, the Easter Island is a significant landmark in the quest of the proof of Maia Tribes.

Stonehenge- the British Megalithic masterpiece


Designed by the Neolithic society in 3000BC, Stonehenge is a thrilling piece of architecture situated near Salisbury, England. Surprisingly, it was built with heavy stones brought all the way from Wales. It is assumed that Stonehenge had been the burial ground from its earliest beginnings. This beautiful piece of architectural monument is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Stonehenge is a significant monument that bears the history of English people since its beginnings.

Tikal- the tombstone of Maya Tribe


Tikal is located in Guatemala; Tikal was a large city state where the Tikal Temple was located. Tikal became one of the most powerful states of the ancient Maya which was the capital of a conquest state. There are several evidences that in 4th century AD Tikal was conquered by Teotihuacan. No new major monuments were built at Tikal following the end of the late classic period. There are evidences that elite palaces were burned. These events after coupling with a gradual population decline culminated the site’s abandonment by the late 10th century.

Overview of the Article

It is considered in this era that history is a word that is more significant when it is compared with the past. We know that past is always ignored by the people. Whatever that has happened in the past is ignored. So is the case with history nowadays. They ignore the glorious pasts that shaped the world today, they ignore their glorious pasts. What my article was intended for is simple yet powerful. What we are today is the glorious history that shaped us, our culture and our heritage. There is no avoiding that. So, in my article I represented 10 most important monuments that bears deep historical resemblances that shaped today’s world.

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  1. Website History

    November 18, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    I really like the history. The history of the given guidelines when we will determine a decision.

    The first President of Indonesia Sukarno always said “never forget history”.

    But, right now, not many of the younger generation who learned history. They simply are living in luxury without knowing the history.

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