Crazy Tools for Nail Art

Decorating the nails is a type of addiction for us girls from our past generations. Before the 1980 trimming and coloring the nails have been practiced.

Decorating the nails is a type of addiction for us girls from our past generations. Before the 1980 trimming and coloring the nails have been practiced. But after that the nail art has turned into a complete different dimension.And today, the nail art practice has become one regular trend among us. If you are a starter here, do not worry: you will get to know the must have material (and of course bonus ideas) to make your nails work as your own canvas!!

The Must Have Materials:

Nail Polish:


it is one obvious fact there for nail art there has to be a nail polish for nail arts. You can find several type of nail polish: it can be neon type or glitter or holographic or matt: you name it. You can also find nail polish in any budget.

Top Coat:


right now top coat is very much needed as a last stage of nail art. It protects and keeps your nail art remain for longer time. Right after you decorate your nail with any decal or tape, you will surely be needing this. You can have the top coats with shiny finish and also matt finish, and also there are top coats that dry fast and also take a bit time.



you can use the brushes to create your own design with nail color or put the powders on place. You will thank me later after you buy it. This is one of the effective nail kit you will be having.

Dotting tools:


if you want to bring polka dots design on your nails then dotting tools is a helpful tool. You can alter its use with maybe a toothpick, it’s completely your call.

Stripping tape:


stripping tape is one of the easiest and a must have thing in recent time. You can give any type of abstract or gorgeous design on your nail with simply using a bit of stripping tape. So yes, it is indeed a must have thing!

Nail Glitters:


Nail Glitters is another amazing thing that boost up the beauty of the nail designs. If you want to sparkle up your nails, you can easily find nail glitters nearby store or online. Nail glitters can be found as dust or even as glitter nail polish in different colors and type. You can even find nail glitters in mixed color.



if you love the matt effect then you can try out the velvet flocking powder or even the glitter velvet gel. You can use it to make your nail look fluffy and posh!

Peel off Tape:


if you are using water decal or do any design, using peel off tape around the nail can get rid of wasting extra time to clean the surroundings. Peel off tape is also easily available, you can also use glue as peel off tape but it might be a bit messy. So as a starter you can give it a try.



Rhinestone has become very much popular now a days. Just adding a stone on the nails and you are good to go. It is one of the effortless way to wow your pretty nails. You can find rhinestone of different design and type around your store.

Nail Glue:


if you want to decorate your nails with rhinestone then you will be needing the nail glue to keep your stones for longer time. Make sure to buy it while you buy your favorite rhinestones.These were some must have nail kit as a starter. If you want to try out different designs, you can also look for the following.

Nail Beads:


it is alternate of rhinestone. You don’t need any nail glue for it, after you apply a base nail color, give another base right after the first one dries out and then pour the nail beads all over your nails (or half part of your nails, no hardcore rules). But you will surely need the top coat at the last stage, if you want to apply the top coat all over the beads then at first test it out separately. It is both messy and fun job.

Stamping kit:


this is one amazing thing you can have in your collection, you can give any design or effect in your nails by this kit. There I a sponge type stamp kit and other types have also started to be available in the shops and online.

Water decals:


water decal is one of my personal favorite! There are numerous water decal designs and is very easy to apply. You just need to wet the design and stick it to your nails just like a sticker. To protect the designs you need to apply top coat after you dry it up a bit; and voila! You are done! If you want to know how to apply the tutorials are always there for you.

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