Top Review on iPhone 7 plus

What good in iPhone 7 plus?

Pre-order of iPhone 7 plus is already on the move. Are you planning to get your dream phone iPhone 7 plus? You can place you order now. Before you place your order few important features to be taken into consideration.This is only because iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 both are almost similar,just one main difference in iPhone 7 plus from iPhone 7 is the camera.I must say it has no alternatives till now in the world but  iPhone 7 plus.It has the finest true 2x optical zoom of dual rear cameras which is really amazing along with bokeh mode operation .

As I mentioned earlier there are some common features  in between iPhone 7 plus and iPhones 7. Such as both the phone is water resistant but battery gets long lasting from last year.As it is upgraded from iPhone 7 , storage got bigger that is 256 GB for the hardcore photographer.

What is not good in iPhone 7 plus?

Like iPhone 7 there is no portable or standard headphone jack which is really problematic and weird I think.I got to use something like wireless,lighting or will have to go for an adapter.The squeeze 5.5″ screen shows the hottest and sexiest  body of iPhone 7 plus.

Finally why to have iPhone 7 plus right away?

Till now I found just one region to have iPhone 7 plus in my hand, that is  because of it fabulous camera so far Apple have in the market.If you are a crazy mobile photographer I must say you will not have any alternative to iPhone 7 plus.As per online survey,the rating is shown below.


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