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The story of online movie, serials watch isn’t very old. With the gradual improvement of information & technology worldwide these transformation in our viewing experience occurred. During the 1800-1895, watching movie meant a clip of 30-40seconds with a poster in the background. Approximately 27 days before the Lumiere screening in Paris, on November 21, 1895 Skladanowsky unveils his Bioscop (also Bioskop) at the Wintergarten Hall in Berlin which screened as few as eight short films totaling about fifteen minutes. Then invention of Phonograph, cinematograph gave a new dimension in movie watching. In this age of globalization, we were exposed with all the latest technologies like CD’s, DVD’s, VCR, ,home theatre, etc. but these are all past now, because of the shift in nature of global consumers. People like to spend less money & time behind entertainment purpose. So they search for free online movie streaming websites where they can enjoy their favorite movies, serials online & not even spend any time for downloading it. But it’s difficult to find good quality providing free streaming websites. When you search for a free online movie watch websites, thousands of results appears infront of you. But it’s often seen that, most of their quality is poor. And often it’s found that popular websites to watch movies, serials, sports disappear unexpectedly. So, once you get the list of top 10 free movie watch websites make sure you visit them for a full satisfaction of your viewing experience.

Top 10 best free streaming websites : watch movies & serials online

  • 1. 123MOVIES
  • 4.
  • 5. AMAZON
  • 6. MOVIE4K.TO
  • 7. FILM CLUB
  • 10. LOS MOVIES

1 has started it’s operation since june 2015 & It’s hosted by SRV LTD & . Over the time it has gradually improved it’s services and currently is ranked as 725 among the thousands of free online streaming websites all over the world. It ranked as 554 only in USA but it also faces most of it’s traffic from USA. has 1.15M visitors and 7.59M page views daily. It’s found that browsing in this website is safe but unfavorable for the children.


WatchSeries is a very popular online streaming website. It’s basically free for everyone who wants to enjoy a variety of movies, serials collection. It has been rated as legit & the contents available in the website is safe for children. It has a huge resource of latest as well as oldest movies, serials of Hollywood, chinese, hindi movies. It’s currently ranked as 512 in worldwide and 767 in USA from where most of it’s traffic comes. It’s completely safe domain owned by NETIM but often receives negative review from user


Putlocker is a very well known free online streaming website among the movie lovers who doesn’t want to spend time behind downloading a movie. It also contains a large collection of movies of different industries like hollywood, Bollywood, chinese etc. It has been ranked as 1,335,599 in the world, ,in USA it reached at 305,532 position over the time while most of its traffic comes from USA. It’s hosted by CloudFlare Inc. according to google page rank it has the lowest position. It’s seen that their marketing programme in all the social platforms is also poorly managed.

4 is ranked at 677 in the worldwide & 301 position in USA. Over the time it has improved it’s performance & improving constantly their bugs. It has been doing their online service since June 2013. has also decent google rankings & positive user reviews. It has been hosted by different owners over the past years. It’s marketing programmes in the social sites are also moderate. It has been found that has daily 555k visitors & 4.07million page views daily.

5 is paid as well as free for users. It’s premium contents are available for their paid members only. They have different membership programs. Their HD collections requires a good internet connection. If you face any trouble using amazon prime videos you need to check your device registration, membership status, and location.

6 is operating since May 2013, & with the gradual improvement they’re now ranked at 566 in the world. It’s ranked at 42 in Germany from where they receive most of their traffic. It’s hosted by many owners among them are RIPE Network Coordination Centre, CloudFlare Inc. and others. has a decent rank in order of google page rank & is moderately marketed in the social sites. It’s domain is completely safe with a positive user review. It’s observed that has 558K visitors and 2.91M page views daily.


It’s not very much popular compared to other free online streaming websites. It’s currently ranked at 705,599 worldwide. The number of daily visitors are 2.19k & the daily page views are 2.19k. it has a high ranking in terms of goggle page rank. It’s a fully trustworthy domain.


Popcorn Time looks more alike to be NETFLIX but it’s more of a type of torrents. It has some legal issues as most of the contents have pirated issues. Like all other online streaming websites it also contains a huge number of collections

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