My Ten Days Tour In San Francisco Made Me Nostalgic

My Ten Days Tour In San Francisco Made Me Nostalgic

Last year during Summer vacation I along with my beloved girlfriend went  San Francisco. Initially, I was planning to move Singapur but the budget was tight.It does not mean it San Francisco   is very cheap.But it has the facility of all class with a just competitive difference.However,We also had a very short period in hand but had to visit lot many places and do fun as much as possible.
 Hotels to stay In San Francisco

At first, we were hosted in a hotel with just $25 per night.I must not say that you also do the same because here you will find luxurious Hotel  In San Francisco  as well above $1500 per night.Just one important thing to keep in mind that you got to select your hotel in such a place from where you can able transport,food and obviously fun soon.To the best of my knowledge Unique Square, San Francisco  the perfect place.I thing while you are in vacation hotel is not the main attraction .It just needed to keep your stuff and a quite place to sleep after all day long hauling.So, Cheap and comfortable hotel in San Francisco was the best choices for us.

 Place to visit in In San Francisco  

 With the name of In San Francisco  first name comes to head The Golden Gate Bridge .One really my friend can’t just believe that a bridge can be so nice and beautiful.It is 1.7 miles long and 120,000 automobiles move at a time.I camera battery went down but I could not stop myself to click.But you must make sure to have enough camera back up.

My girlfriend had planning to ride on the underground  Cable Car,I was curious about it as well.I found it is pretty  fun and enjoyable.The ticket was cheap just $7.But it gives a full ride with a wonderful view.Also, we visited Alcatraz in San Francisco  is the most notorious former prison.

If you come In San Francisco  but leave not miss to see the sea lion i.e Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco,I must say your full tour plane was just garbage .Here you can hire a boat rather fishing boat to take the fishing experiences in the sea.I can assure you can’t forget this moment ever.And whenever you face the word San Francisco this gonna remind all its beauty rather force you to plan for San Francisco again.

Another great morning  we had in North Beach in San Francisco .It more of the city’s Italian quarter full of café and restraint rather a beachWe had some shopping and romantic time there.Finally the world famous ancient China Town in San Francisco.Oh! my god the beauty and architecture of the Dragon’s Gate will force your head to revolve at 360.I wish when you visit the great china Town must have your lunch there because such variety of foodi place I haven’t seen ever in my life.

There are some other activities you should enjoy that is the nightlife of  San  Francisco and obviously shopping at Union Square.In this case, you must be care of very much.Don’t let your girlfriend go alone .She might spend all of your budgets making the way out not to come back home.Whatever finally I must say those who are yet to visit San Francisco ,must give a try.I hope and believe you will like the place.To the best of my knowledge, it is one of the best tourist places in United State.

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