Trailer Hollywood USA Block Buster Movie Wonder Woman Releasing in 2017

In the history of Hollywood, we have seen lots of movies and TV Series where a woman played the main character .I must say undoubtedly they were a wonderful gift from Hollywood USA.People not only in the USA remember those movies rather from the whole world appreciated.Click Here to get a list of 100 The Best Female Lead Action Hollywood USA Block Buster Movie. Keeping the  tradition up another The Best Female Lead Action Hollywood USA Block Buster Movie , #WonderWoman is going to be in USA Theaters Nationwide on Friday,June 02,2016. The movie Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins.The Scriptwriter of   Wonder Woman is Jason Fuchs.

The Wonder Woman is cast with the following  list of famous Hollywood Actress and Actor:

  1. #Chris Pine … Steve Trevor
  2. #Gal Gadot … Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  3. Robin Wright
  4. Danny Huston
  5. David Thewlis
  6. Ewen Bremner
  7. Said Taghmaoui
  8. Elena Anaya
  9. Lucy Davis
  10. Connie Nielsen … Hippoyta

Story Line of Wonder Woman:

Diana Prince or Wonder Woman born with the blessing of Jesus in the mythical island of Themyscira .Who is trained with Amazon Warrior? When her home and world is thereat ,for the first time she has come out of the world to fulfill the destiny. This movie is actually based on All Star Comics in 1941 by William Moulton Marston who was an educational consultant.

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