VRMS stands for Visual Restaurant Management System which is an online restaurant system containing restaurant Point of Sale (POS), Back Office, customer information management, inventory control, and other modules.

 VRMS stands for Visual Restaurant Management System which is an online restaurant system containing restaurant Point of Sale (POS), Back Office, customer information management, inventory control, and other modules.

The VRMS has a wide category features. Noteworthy are the E-mail marketing featuring credit card processing, customer history, gift cards, print receipts, special orders, etc. Customary features contain customer information database, Loyalty rewards program, payment history, purchase history, etc. Inventory management features contains customer orders, inventory classification, inventory transfers, sales/discount, etc.

I found the latest version of VRMS runs on the Windows 7/XP/ 2000 platforms. As VRMS runs in Windows 7/XP/2000 and android platform so the minimum requirements for running VRMS is the same for running Windows and Android platforms. Which I found to be very promising.

The price of VRMS is competitive in the online market as I found it to be affiliated with different POS.

To install the VRMS, I downloaded the installation form, filled up the information and submitted it to the website and it was done.

A person who can run Windows 7/XP/2000 and Android phones can easily run the VRMS. And so, as a Windows user I could easily run the VRMS. The operating mode of VRMS are Online and Mobile.

The VRMS allowed different reports ranging from Daily Closing Report, Graphical Reports, Inventory Reports and Sales Report.

What do you dislike?

There are particularly less operating difficulties that I found as people with minimal English language knowledge can operate because VRMS has made the use of keyboard minimal. Only touching makes it easier to use on Android platform phones and online is easy with a click of a mouse. The other difficulty I found is that it is only available on PC for Windows but not on others OS.

The only technical difficulty I found is that on the windows platform, a user needs to have internet connection which may be unavailable at some point. And the case was same for the Android platform as well.

Recommendations to others considering the product

I used the VRMS and I found it to be very helpful for people with less time managing to go to the restaurants. You can use the VRMS as well because most people now a day have access to the Internet and Android phones. It offers great deals to its customers with pure transparency and displaying checks and bills. However, there are some technical difficulties like restriction in android and Windows platform which may limit you to use the VRMS. But as an overall recommendation, I think it is a good system.

What business are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

VRMS serves people with the business affiliated with the restaurants and makes the customers comfortable as the process is easy and affordable. VRMS serves every sort of customer supports including customer information database, e-mail marketing, loyalty reward program, payment history and purchase history.

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