Way to earn $300 monthly from home writing 50 words review.

Are you looking for a passive income to support your family?Are looking for a way to earn from home? Are you located in United State of America or Canada?Wanna get some decent money like $300 monthly?Why not to share your opinion or just a 50 words review on Music you love to.Do you have a sense of fashion and style ?Why not to express your passion in 50 words.Can you express your views on what accessories?If yes, you are just one step away to get your reward which is almost $300 even more.For do so you don’t need to write 1000s of words just 50 words maximum.Let calculate your earning.If you can write 2000 words per day so your daily earning will be USD (2000/50) X.5=$40 in a month .what do you think isn’t a nice way to generate your income.

Slicethepie is the Way to earn $300 monthly from home writing 50 words review

Slicethepie is a place from where you can generate more that $300 monthly just writing review. Slicethepie Collects review or feedback from the common user on various product before they come in the market.And they pay to its user for their time and effort of contribution.They have the bonus system and different pay package depending on product category.Your pay rate will go up based on your quality of review.At the top right side, you will find your rating and earning.They pay via Paypal and the minimum payout is $10.But one issue while registering the your Slicethepie account email and PayPal email has to be same since they verify these two.

They have a referral system to earn.You will be paid 20% of your referral earning and then 10%.You can try out to get this option to generate your earning. Finally, it’s an easy job and anyone can do from home.It a decent way to earn $300 monthly from home writing 50 words review on your likings. Why not to give a try?To get started click here

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